StandingPilotYour Talent Management Partner…

Fully integrated individually-oriented career development programming, addressing…

  • Strategic recruitment;

  • Career Resource Center Development and Management;

  • Redeployment Services;

  • When needed, classic corporate sponsored Outplacement activities;

  • Spousal support for relocating professionals;

  • “Alumni” Programming and Communication.

Unique, cradle-2-grave employment programming to help you manage your human capital investment while attaining greater ROI on recruitment, new hire, training, re-training and organization development expenses.


H-PilotOnboardThis is the “H” International Signal Flag…It is flown when a ship’s Captain finds his ship in “challenging waters” and is signaling that a “pilot is on-board.”   Even the most skilled and confident ‘skippers’ utilize harbor and other pilots to guide their vessel through more challenging waters.  Such is the case of whole organizations that find themselves in need of occasional career transition assistance…

Strategic Recruitment

Interactive recruitment activity in anticipation of Corporate needs.  Identify and interact with key talent in the labor pool, leading to proactive marketing effort directed to “targeted talent communities.”

Career Resource Center DEVELOPMENT

Classic assessment center activity driving input to Corporate direction and operations.  Identifies both internal and external talent communities for future promotional and transfer activity.  Can be supported with a comprehensive, web-based tool.

Career Resource Center MANAGEMENT

The ultimate partnership between management and the entire workforce.  Utilizes the dynamic evolution of both internal and external talent communities to assure the attainment of Corporate goals.  Can be supported with a comprehensive, web-based tool.

Redeployment Services

Why lose key talent when economic realities cause departmental downsizing needs?  Overcome barriers to inter-company recruitment efforts, eliminating wasteful re-training and recruitment dollars.

Classic Outplacement Consulting Services

Put those Corporate operational dollars to their most efficient use.  The Corporation that utilizes the following, cradle-2-grave talent management programming, realizing measurable ROI at every turn, reaps the benefit of high quality outplacement activity, when needed, on a much more cost effective basis… in some cases, FREE.

Spousal Support for Relocating Professionals

Ease the pain when relocating an employee and family.  Simple placement directory and information… or complete guidance and coaching programs–at an affordable price!

Alumni Programming and Communication

The perfect compliment to Strategic Recruitment efforts.  Former employees can represent the underpinnings to an organization’s goodwill and efficient strategic recruiting support.

“How Can The Careerpilot Best Serve You Today?”

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