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G-PilotNeeded This is the “G” International Signal Flag…It is flown when a ship’s Captain finds his ship in “challenging waters” and is signaling that a “pilot is needed.” 

Do you realize what you might actually need at this point in your career? Career transition consultation, highly personalized Personal Market Plan development, and job search coaching are some of the more common solutions.  Considering some professional help with your career decision-making, career transition, or job search efforts?  Engaging the personal services of THE Careerpilot, Bob Maher, CMF is as easy as 1-2-3…  

  1. ‘Kick the tires’ by attending one of Bob’s guest presentations at a local job search support Group…. or as he calls it, “lurk before you leap.”
  2. Email Bob and attach your current resume draft.  Upon receipt he will provide some feedback and suggest a few available times for…
  3. A casual meeting over breakfast or lunch (on YOU) during which you can get to know each other, review your resume with an experienced PRO, discuss your marketplace concerns/issues, and, as a result get a PROPOSAL OF SERVICES to meet your needs.

The Careerpilot does not offer any off the shelf, one-size-fits-all programs… he will meet your needs in the areas of assessment, career choice/decision-making, collateral development (resumes, Networking Profile, LinkedIn profile, BIO, and related verbal approaches) to brand you in the marketplace, job search skills training, and on-going, ‘on-demand’ coaching.

Card in hand

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“How Can The Careerpilot Best Serve You Today?”


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June 2023
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