PREVENTATIVE PODIATRY: Don’t Shoot Yourself In The Foot Following Job Loss

Don’t ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ with premature job search.  Rather, be prepared for productively seeking your next right employment situation.

So, what are some essential approaches that job seekers can take to start moving forward again?

  1. Take time to grieve your loss and sort out your emotions.
  2. Rebuild your confidence and reconnect with your abilities to contribute, knowing your next steps and the position you seek, and, most importantly, begin to work on and practice answering the most common query during job search, “Tell me about yourself.”
  3. Build your community and find ‘accountability partners’
  4. Create a routine…

You have been used to the ‘regular routine’ of being employed.  However, THAT has all changed.  Yet your head and heart desire that sort of regularity in what you do.  Having a well thought out ‘Personal Marketing Plan’ will keep you focused and productive during your search for your ‘next right employment.’  Indeed, you can become your own best coach!

Over thirty years of experience as a Career Services Consultant. Projects have included: classic, corporate-sponsored outplacement activities, including career transition centers; internal career development centers; talent management services; and strategic recruitment programs. He also offers direct pay services to professional individuals, including: assessment and branding development (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc), job search skill training and job search coaching.

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April 2021
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