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Why Wait For a Job OPENING? Create Your Next Opportunity!

If you are not absolutely clear about what you want as that NEXT STEP in your career, envision an ideal position that will value you for the main characteristics and experiences you want to be hired for. Since you need

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PREVENTATIVE PODIATRY: Don’t Shoot Yourself In The Foot Following Job Loss

Don’t ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ with premature job search.  Rather, be prepared for productively seeking your next right employment situation. So, what are some essential approaches that job seekers can take to start moving forward again? Take time to grieve

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Yes, The Pandemic Effects Job Search

Immediate… Frequent medical screening Many firms are doing frequent medical screening, including temperature checks and antibody tests. Companies including Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon and Starbucks are already taking employees’ temperatures, while other businesses are considering “immunity passports” to aid the

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LINKEDIN: Your ‘Digital Footprint’

Social media is a great place to learn about and create a digital conversation with your market. Potential employers do not want to be talked-to, or worse yet sold-to on these platforms. Your followers want to know they have a

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Tackling The 500# Gorilla in Career Transition

Lack of knowledge regarding the process. If you don’t understand the interactive nature of networking, now’s the time to learn. To be an effective net-worker, you need to be willing to serve as a conduit, sharing information, building relationships based on

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Build Your Comfort and Confidence With Social Media Use

Never allow your LinkedIn usage to spiral out of control… However, that said, you want to get to your statistical ‘tipping point’ as soon as possible to cut the workload. Your ultimate goal with social media is to STAY FOCUSED. 

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Putting The FIT Back Into Recruitment Strategies

In order to effectively source, identify, and attract your next best employee, you must first know how your job description and requirements best meet their value proposition and ability/ potential to meet your needs or solve your challenge. Recruitment process

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The DYSFUNCTION of Traditional Recruitment

Many organizations, in need of specific, highly qualified talent go into the “journey” of recruitment activity without really knowing their destination, their PRIMARY SOURCING OBJECTIVE. This Pilot has never heard of a ship leaving harbor without knowing their destination or

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Job Seeker’s Need a Pulse, Too…

A lot of individuals with a rebellious streak resist structure, snub the idea of a schedule, and then find that their lives and creative output aren’t nearly as harmonious as they hoped.  As job seekers,  some find it quite difficult to

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A Job Seeker’s Personal Marketing Plan

While involved in ‘the challenging waters’ of career transition, the same chaotic, jobless, trying times are very productive times.  Don’t waste them by floundering with lack of focus and direction, falling into the dark, depressive attitude of distractions and, worst

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