The DYSFUNCTION of Traditional Recruitment

Compass_Rose-pilotNEEDMany organizations, in need of specific, highly qualified talent go into the “journey” of recruitment activity without really knowing their destination, their PRIMARY SOURCING OBJECTIVE. This Pilot has never heard of a ship leaving harbor without knowing their destination or mission, preferring the safety and calm of their dock in the harbor.

Compass_Rose-pilotONBOARDIf you are not absolutely clear about the sourcing of Candidates your organization seeks, envision an ideal Candidate who will…

Be aware of the challenges faced in this now vacant role

Be highly qualified in meeting those challenges, AND…

Be a good FIT onto your team… a win-win for all concerned.

Since an organization has both regulations to respect and needs for highly skilled professionals, they need to be concise and clear when developing their recruitment strategies…  it’s important to figure out what you most NEED AND offer in your next new hire, so you know exactly what skills and experiences to highlight.

Make FIT happen!


Identify and Communicate the Right FIT for Your NEED

Ask Yourself

  • What is the intersection of your ‘value proposition’ and that of an ideal Candidate?
  • What are the most impactful areas of requirement, qualification, experience, knowledge, and skill that will help you source viable candidates?
  • What critical problems are you facing that require the right hire to solve?

Schedule  Informational “Interviews” With Key Candidate-types

In addition to being introspective, it’s also important to get out there and start becoming your own best Recruitment Coach, learning about the very people already in, or connected with, those you seek?

The more people you speak with, the more you’ll be exposed to sourcing options that you might wish to pursue…the broader and more focused your recruitment effort will become.  Help take the dysfunction OUT of the job market!

Over thirty years of experience as a Career Services Consultant. Projects have included: classic, corporate-sponsored outplacement activities, including career transition centers; internal career development centers; talent management services; and strategic recruitment programs. He also offers direct pay services to professional individuals, including: assessment and branding development (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc), job search skill training and job search coaching.

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June 2017
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