Putting The FIT Back Into Recruitment Strategies

Compass_Rose-pilotNEEDIn order to effectively source, identify, and attract your next best employee, you must first know how your job description and requirements best meet their value proposition and ability/ potential to meet your needs or solve your challenge.

Recruitment process is essentially a highly personalized marketing process.  The process starts with your candid evaluation of need and role requirements… most often communicated through a well-written job description, which allows you to communicate a thorough and workable understanding of your specific employment need.


Pilot OnboardWhen your organization looks for qualified employees, they should be seeking functional evidence that demonstrates a job seeker’s ability to perform to expectations… this is simply good behavioral interviewing tactics.  However, an organization’s screening tactic often creates dysfunction in the marketplace…  JOB REQUIREMENTS represent the HR screening process!

A Potential Employee’s “Motivated Strengths”

What DO they do best?  What are their strongest transferable skills?  Think broadly in terms of managerial and technical/ functional strengths involved in what you need accomplished.  Discovering their “pattern of success and satisfaction” is your goal, here.

Your ability to identify and express the collection of functional strengths a recruit might need to succeed will measure their marketability and your ability to source the available talent pool.  This collection of keywords and their supportive evidence creates your communication strategy, the basis of your value proposition.

The old “round peg in a round role” theory of career planning is dysfunctional.  In the typical professional environment today, job descriptions are changing faster than ever before to keep up with the challenges of an economy in transition.

In the traditional job market, job seekers are the sellers and their potential employers are the buyers.  The commodity is JOBs and the competition is fierce.

In The OTHER Job Market, buyers and sellers hold equal responsibility for the recruitment process.  The commodity is available, productive WORK… When employers have a need for someone to fulfill a specific role, often the most desired candidates are employed individuals with the credentials they seek.  Thus the employer must market their Company to potential employees in the marketplace in order to attract the best of the lot.  Once identified, they simply select their choice and buy their services.

Seize control of such challenges.   Understand the nature of FIT.


Over thirty years of experience as a Career Services Consultant. Projects have included: classic, corporate-sponsored outplacement activities, including career transition centers; internal career development centers; talent management services; and strategic recruitment programs. He also offers direct pay services to professional individuals, including: assessment and branding development (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc), job search skill training and job search coaching.

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July 2017
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