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Putting The FIT Back Into Recruitment Strategies

In order to effectively source, identify, and attract your next best employee, you must first know how your job description and requirements best meet their value proposition and ability/ potential to meet your needs or solve your challenge. Recruitment process

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Job Seeker’s Need a Pulse, Too…

A lot of individuals with a rebellious streak resist structure, snub the idea of a schedule, and then find that their lives and creative output aren’t nearly as harmonious as they hoped.  As job seekers,  some find it quite difficult to

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A Job Seeker’s Personal Marketing Plan

While involved in ‘the challenging waters’ of career transition, the same chaotic, jobless, trying times are very productive times.  Don’t waste them by floundering with lack of focus and direction, falling into the dark, depressive attitude of distractions and, worst

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The Internet has spurred many new, employment related businesses to flourish in the past twenty years, some with great financial success  Small start-up HR and recruitment/placement technology firms are receiving two to three times (or more) their revenues in new

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Productive Participation in The Interview Dialog

The next time you meet with a potential employer, open the conversation with this simple phrase: “In preparing for this meeting I took some time to…” Then simply highlight the two or three critical things that you did to prepare

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CREATING Your Digital Footprint

Social media is a great place to learn about and create a digital conversation with your market. Potential employers do not want to be talked-to, or worse yet sold-to on these platforms. Your “followers” want to know they have a

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“Adjusting Your Sails…” Re-Charting Your Course When Faced With ‘the challenging waters of career transition.’

Have you ever had to take a step backward in your career, perhaps accept a lesser position or lower compensation? Or a step backward in the marketplace-deferring a near-term opportunity in favor of a longer-term one? The path forward isn’t

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Are YOU LinkedIn???

 The Careerpilot’s high TECH-HIGH TOUCH philosophy comes into play with the explosive growth of business professionals using social networks to build relationships, meet new contacts, and market themselves.  While the Internet provides many choices, diving into the virtual meet-and-greet can

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