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Tackling The 500# Gorilla in Career Transition

Lack of knowledge regarding the process. If you don’t understand the interactive nature of networking, now’s the time to learn. To be an effective net-worker, you need to be willing to serve as a conduit, sharing information, building relationships based on

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Build Your Comfort and Confidence With Social Media Use

Never allow your LinkedIn usage to spiral out of control… However, that said, you want to get to your statistical ‘tipping point’ as soon as possible to cut the workload. Your ultimate goal with social media is to STAY FOCUSED. 

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The DYSFUNCTION of Traditional Recruitment

Many organizations, in need of specific, highly qualified talent go into the “journey” of recruitment activity without really knowing their destination, their PRIMARY SOURCING OBJECTIVE. This Pilot has never heard of a ship leaving harbor without knowing their destination or

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Telling “Your Story” in The OTHER Job Market

The problem with traditional job search tactics is that they take you directly into the teeth of the screening process, forcing you to be judged “yes-no-maybe” prematurely… worse still, this judgement is usually being made by a computer through a

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CREATING Your Digital Footprint

Social media is a great place to learn about and create a digital conversation with your market. Potential employers do not want to be talked-to, or worse yet sold-to on these platforms. Your “followers” want to know they have a

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Developing Your “Digital Footprint:” Your LinkedIn Profile

Before you connect to others, you must first set up a profile page on Linkedin. While your page will detail your work history, don’t assume you can copy and paste your resume and be done with it… although that IS

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TASK#1 on LinkedIn: Creating Your HIGH-IMPACT Profile

 The Careerpilot’s high TECH-HIGH TOUCH philosophy comes into play with the explosive growth of business professionals using social networks to build relationships, meet new contacts, and market themselves.  While the Internet provides many choices, diving into the virtual meet-and-greet can

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