Yes, The Pandemic Effects Job Search


Frequent medical screening

Many firms are doing frequent medical screening, including temperature checks and antibody tests. Companies including Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon and Starbucks are already taking employees’ temperatures, while other businesses are considering “immunity passports” to aid the return to work. Testing will be essential in some roles, specifically those with regular/ frequent customer contact. 

Reduction in business travel and face-to-face meetings

Nothing really NEW, here, but Companies will continue to utilize technology to replace jetting off across the globe for interviews and other business meetings. As we’ve all gotten more used to and comfortable (CONFIDENT?) virtual meetings, it’s a no-brainer to continue to find alternatives in the reduction of business travel to save money and reduce emissions.

Chances are we’ll continue to get more and more comfortable with video call tools including Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Meet.  And others to enter THAT market space.  In fact, for those professionals who may no longer have access to an actual office, video conferencing and instant messaging will become essential.

The influence of still more technology and ‘Aps’

Social media, like LinkedIn, will continue to improve to facilitate efficient networking.  The use of “KEYWORD Screening” tactics will continue to define traditional job search tactics.

To minimize the amount that job-seekers AND employees need to touch surfaces, it’s likely that offices will continue to look for ways to use automation. Think controlled access to buildings and office space, the ensuing access to personal information, and greater use of online application processing.

And inside?  Motion and/ or voice-activated lighting, audio and visual equipment, and smartphone-controlled elevators and coffee machines. Technology will continue to streamline how we work.

As Time Marches on

 Hiring processes will offer more ‘equal opportunity’ for applicants

As companies continue to work more remotely, employees may no longer be limited to jobs based on where they physically live.  This could lead to Companies finding it easier and less expensive to have a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Those who are care-givers or have disabilities may find that they are more able to commit to roles which allow working from home, while women, people of color and minorities may be more able to access certain roles. 

A “Gig Economy

As the pandemic has highlighted job insecurity, some have already taken on side hustles to improve their skills and make extra cash. One recent survey shows that one in five people have taken up a side hustle during prolonged lockdown – with that number jumping to one-third among those who have been furloughed or fear for the future of their jobs.

 After the pandemic, it’s likely there will be more pressure on these companies to provide a safety net for their employees, and measures like no-contact delivery and cashless payment are likely to continue.

Over thirty years of experience as a Career Services Consultant. Projects have included: classic, corporate-sponsored outplacement activities, including career transition centers; internal career development centers; talent management services; and strategic recruitment programs. He also offers direct pay services to professional individuals, including: assessment and branding development (resumes, LinkedIn profiles, etc), job search skill training and job search coaching.

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April 2021
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